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In the ex industrial area in 97 Savona street, Milan, a loft, part of the ex factory building Schlumberger, has been readapted into residence of a young photographer.
The project it’s been developed in a space of about 140 sqm of surface, with a high of 7 meters. The volume is characterized by a narrow and long floor with an individual big entrance door which opens into a little garden. The entrance of the light also comes from the 20 mt length shed type of the roof.

The choices in the approach of such an indistinct and unitary place have been all directed towards a differentiation of the space, treated with different volume depending on the functions, to maintain alive the continuity of the global perception of the space.
The huge living room, place of receive, it remains open and maintains all the altitude, giving life to a global perception.

In the middle of the living room it’s been positioned a tubular construction fireplace, behind this in a protected zone, begins the kitchen and dining room, a more definite and sheltered place , where the function of the cooking and eating happens in a quiet space, of suffused light and of relaxing chromatisms.

In the upper level has been planed the sleeping area, place of the privacy and of the dimensional relationship to man measure, in this space, characterized by an autonomous volume, “house in the house”, it is possible to feel the perception of a detached place from the ground specially caused by the glass catwalk which reaches the sleeping area.

Light and air flows in the space from apertures in correspondence of the [shed] and from the skylights in coverage, while the access to this space it’s through the folded iron staircase, positioned among the fireplace and the main sleeping room.
“The house in the house”, is a project which tries to be a solution to assure intimacy, and reservation, without abdicates to the unitary perception of the principal space.

Type of Project: Private loft
Size Data: 230 sqm
Special Features: High construction standard, apt provide with FF&E
Services: Turnkey interior design project

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June 15, 2002

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