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Right in the heart of the “Navigli” (the canals Leonardo da Vinci built) district of Milan, around a shortcut walkway between San Gottardo and Via Ascanio Sforza, just a stone’s throw away from Porta Ticinese, rises a building once used for military purposes in the eighteen hundreds but today used for dwellings along to the usual “casa di ringhiera” (a multi-story building with doors leading onto a common balcony) system. A part of the ground floor, which was once used as the barracks’ stables, is now a loft apartment, the property of a young Milanese entrepreneur.

This space of 200 sqm for the greater part used in its entire height except for two areas where there are mezzanine floors that can be reached by iron staircases. The big open plan area of 160 sqm is joined together through a system of arches that define a magnificent living area, a dining area, a relaxation area with a great big bathtub built into the floor. Bathrooms, the kitchen and the entrance are arranged along the side and do not detract from the volume and the sensation of spaciousness. On the mezzanine floors is where the bedroom and study cum library are situated and they also contribute to the central space by means of a series of windows and a connecting catwalk. All this is lit up by generous skylights as well as French windows facing south onto the courtyard. The big arches are characteristic of the architecture of this building and heighten the marvelous sense of space in the design.

The loft apartment has been furnished entirely with classic designer items while the antique carpets originate from various countries in the Orient and have been supplied by “Altai”.

Type of Project: Loft
Size Data: 230 sqm
Special Features: High construction standard – apt provide with FF&E and custom made furniture
Services: Turnkey interior design project

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June 15, 2002

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